Pole Position

23 Jul 2021Author: René Vink BLOG COMING SOON
Bölkow BO-105P1M helicopter at Fritzlar Airbase, Germany

When visiting Fritzlar Airbase in Germany during vacation there was no activity at the field so this was the best I got out of it.This retired Bölkow BO-105P1M is sitting proud as a gateguard just inside the base fence (I shot this out of a moving car, mind you!).

Over the Iron Curtain

23 Jul 2021Author: René Vink BLOG
Old helicopters at Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund, Germany
The Iron Curtain at Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund, Germany.
Former Russian helicopters at Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund, Germany.

On holiday in Germany Birdman99 Manager Dennis de Vries and I visited Grenzmuseum ‘Schiffelersgrund’ to check out how it was a few decades ago at the border between two opposing ideologies during the Cold War. And of course a few flying machines as part of the exhibitions.

We also hiked along the mile-long stretch of original border fence that ends up with a rebuild watch tower. A very impressive museum of an intriguing but dark part of human history.

It’s my B-day and I’ll fly if I want to!

26 Feb 2021Author: René Vink BLOG
Cessna 172 in hangar
Cessna shadow
Lufthansa Boeing 747 jumbojet from above

I found that it was time to celebrate something. Twenty-two years of aviation passion and photography and living thirty-five years on Earth…
In these lockdown times chances to go out and make new material has proven to be hard for me. But most accessible is “my back garden” aerodrome Twente Airport. With my connections there the thought came to me to take to the skies locally and treat myself for my birthday. Why not?