First Aircraft Arrival: Dutch F-35

31 Oct 2020Author: René Vink BLOG
First Aircraft Arrival Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning RNLAF Leeuwarden Airbase
First Aircraft Arrival Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning RNLAF Leeuwarden Airbase Fire Department foam
RNLAF 322 Squadron Commander Ian “Gladys” Knight Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning RNLAF Leeuwarden Airbase

“She flies like a razor” said 322 Squadron Commander Ian “Gladys” Knight, who flew in the brand new 5th generation fighter jet for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF): the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning ll.

“A wonderful experience to have done so, as well as arriving in a special legacy formation” after the ferry flight from the Leonardo plant in Cameri, Italy. “But being sprayed with foam was a bit of a surprise of course… But it saw me use my helmet in a way I’ve never used it before!”

Israeli Air Force in Germany

13 Sep 2020Author: René Vink BLOG
Israeli Air Force F16 taking off

For two weeks in August 2020 a historic feat took place over the skies over Germany.
The German Air Force and Israeli Air Force trained together on German soil for the first time named exercise “Blue Wings 2020”.
Many aviation enthusiasts flocked to Nörvenich Air Base, hosting the Israeli’s. As did I to catch some of the action starring mainly six F-16C/D ‘Barak’ fighter jets in desert camo livery.

Arrival Brussels Airlines A319 for AELS at Twente Airport

31 Aug 2020Author: René Vink BLOG
AELS A319 aircraft on runway
AELS A319 aircraft final landing

On the 31st of August 2020 AELS - Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions received another aircraft to sink their teeth in.
An Airbus A319 from Brussels Airlines in Star Alliance livery I got to shoot as a hired job for AELS.
This aircraft made her final flight to "my back garden" where she will be disassembled for parts.